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The possibilities are endless. A man with such global appeal and zest for the extraordinary means the application of the Conan Doyle name is a sure fit across a range of lifestyle brands. The Estate is proud to actively seek out poignant working relationships with brands who share like minded values and aspirations to seek out excellence by whatever means.

Below are some exemplary product concepts that The Estate have considered to demonstrate the brand potential of modern day Conan Doyle ‘man on the move’. These examples have been chosen with heritage and premium brands in mind to reflect the prestige of being associated with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

Adventure awaits and precision is critical.

Explore the world with abandon with a rugged chronograph watch worthy of Conan Doyle’s many missions and exploits.

Prepare for your adventure with rugged and durable overnighter.

One might imagine this is just the kind of bag ACD toted around everything from his doctors supplies to writing instruments.

Quench your thirst for adventure or sit fireside with a good detective story.

Either way, a small batch, craft ACD branded spirit is the perfect match for any mood.

Imagine being your favorite author or his legendary detective.

A high-quality, handcrafted pipe shaped in the style most preferred by ACD

Find the gentleman within.

This refined handkerchief or pocket square in the style of statesman and literary giant ACD.

Get in touch with your inner villain.

A top of the line moustache wax suitable for twirling your facial hair into a ferocious look or be the good guy with a dapper clean look for your unkempt goatee.

ACD pen in hand.

Jot your inner thoughts, the outline of your novel or a romantic love note to your significant other on ACD inspired notebooks.

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Interested in aligning your brand or product with the legendary Arthur Conan Doyle?

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